My name is liu * *, for the sake of the name, I used to call themselves the Internet the queen of the "star". Do not think I am too mad, because the stars themselves both ordinary and flash, so I like them. One of the numerous stars, of course, also want to be. If one day, you met online a girl named "star dance", it must be me - 11 years old, monkey, virgo to choose a suitable text book

Of course, I have like stars very ordinary appearance: small eyes - but very bright. Neither tall nor short nose; Not big not too small mouth. Fair skin, a long or a short horsetail plait, stuck high in my brain, flash flash, very naughty to choose a suitable text book, but I have my hair cut short now, mother to)

My hobby is widespread, such as: music, microcomputer, aoshu, choose a suitable text book of English ha ha, there is a you sure can't think of! To tell you the truth, that is, space exploration, such as: Stonehenge, crop circles, alien to choose a suitable text book in a word, I like all of the unknown things. I like music, especially since 6 years old I began to play the piano, less than nine years old, I was out of the piano level 6. Whenever I bounce

Mendelssohn's "boat song of Venice, I as if place oneself in a ripple on the boat on the water, the surrounding silence, moonlight, like mercury, scattered on the surface of the flash, good beautiful, choose a suitable text book

I also love the guitar, just learned two lessons, I began to play the chords. Now I have learned many years ago, "walk" "red river valley" "childhood", etc.

A lot of beautiful sounds of music to choose a suitable text book

You have to ask why I love this music, in fact, I don't know. But, when I am in the rhythm of the music, I felt a great deal of enjoyment.

I also like the Olympic math, because it can develop my intelligence, makes me on the head turn, turn. Difficult as past castle, although it is difficult to overcome, but as long as I use your head, you can feel the joy of success. Of course, there must be less than America and China, my shortcomings is very sloppy, every day to find things at home, watch on today, tomorrow to find, everything all over the place. Alas! The family and I can't, don't look at me in the life is very careless, but I don't careless, to solve the problem. I can check each question carefully. , however, and the occasional careless like that I do, because not serious topic, papers clearly demand reduction ratio, I have made for ratio! Worse, dizzy, abbreviation! Just because of this, the teacher gave me a buckle 4 points. After this lesson several times, I must be in the future to correct this bad habit, sloppy bull is not blown oh! Believe me!

Paint bottom like me? In the future there will be three years of time to test and verify. I really really want to do the north star - the brightest the star sky, of course, this need me to pay a huge effort.

The above is my personal introduction, hope in the next three years, the teacher and the students get along well, and the teacher the students were rushed through the difficulties!


当然,我有着与星星一样极为平凡的外貌:不大不小的眼睛——但很明亮;不高不矮的鼻子;不算大也不算小的嘴巴;白皙的皮肤,一个不长也不短的马尾小辫,高高地翘在我的脑后,一晃一晃地,非常顽皮„„(不过现在妈妈给我把头发剪短了) 我的爱好很广泛,例如:音乐,微机,奥数,英语„„呵呵,还有一项你肯定想不出来!告诉你吧,那就是宇宙探索——例如:巨石阵,麦田怪圈,外星人„„总之,我喜欢一切未知的东西。

我特别喜欢music,从6岁起我就开始play the piano,不到九岁,我就考出了钢琴六级。每当我弹起门德尔松的《威尼斯船歌》时,我就仿佛置身于一只荡漾在水面的小船上,周围一片寂静,月光洒下来,像散落的水银,在水面上一闪一闪地,好美丽„„




当然,美中肯定有不足,我的不足之处就是很马虎,天天在家里找东西,今天戴的手表,明天就找不着了,什么东西都到处乱放。唉!家里人都拿我没办法,别看我在生活中很马虎,可我做题并不马虎,我能细心检查每道题。但是,偶尔也会有粗心的时候,就像我那次做题,因为不认真审题,卷子上明明要求化简比,我却做成求比值了! 惨阿,晕阿,faint!就因为这个,老师给我扣了4分。经过这好几次的教训,我今后一定要改正马虎这个坏习惯,牛可不是吹的哦!相信我吧!



The classmate of everyone, everyone. My name is XXX, the meaning of my name is XXXX (can not). I'm xx years old, graduated from xx school. I am a man of XXXX, I like xx, I have many hobbies, such as: xx/xx, one of my favorite is xx. My ideal is to was admitted to xx university. As the saying goes: as if by predestination, opposite for strangers. So I think can study with everybody together is a kind of fate. Hope in the later days we help each other make progress together, to the next level. Thank you!


Himself, from the conservatory mountain division. Thought is the comprehensive development-oriented player, in the aspect of composition, computers, science better at. In nearly 100000 amateur writing words, including "summer vacation home return random notes" "xinjiang miscellanea" two series obtained the favorable comment of the teacher, the class blog more than half of the article is published by the I.

Worked as a math class representative, won the math competition second prize, third prize for many times. Affected by family environment influence, and have a keen interest in science. Opened from the third grade science class has been re-elected science class representative to the primary school, a minor celebrity in small production of science and technology, many times won the first prize in the school, representative works include the submarine model, small motor, hand-cranked generators, a word qian jing series (alum crystals), liquid leakage timer, etc., the fourth grade in elementary school production of remote control electric ship received lixia district youth science and technology innovation contest third prize (if the design is beautiful, and should get better prize), sixth grade I lead my team for conservatory mountain division in lixia district youth science and technology competition paper bearing the game bed, paper bed bearing 165 kilograms, won the honorable mention.

In computer also feel a sense of accomplishment, from three years ago is responsible for maintaining the security of the there are three in my computer, can use the commonly used software, made a series of Photoshop and Flash PS interesting photos and series animation.